Focus Films Limited founded by one of Asia's biggest names in the entertainment industry, Mr. Andy Lau, is a film company engaged in film production, investment, acquisition, and distribution of motion pictures. The Company takes the root with commercial and critical hits like "Saviour of the Soul", "A Fighter’s Blues", "Fulltime Killer", "Dance Of A Dream " and other all-time Hong Kong classics.

In world-wide movie distribution business, the Company owns and is commissioned distribution rights of near to 40 titles including "Jiang Hu" directed by prominent young director Mr. Wong Ching Po, as well as the first 2 brilliant pieces "Made in Hong Kong" and "The Longest Summer" from talented director Mr. Fruit Chan.

Regarding movie productions, the Company co-invested in the blockbuster "A World Without Thieves" directed by Mr. Feng Xiao Gang which achieved RMB100 million box-office record in Mainland in 2004, and produced the romantic drama "All About Love" in 2005. In 2006, the Company launched FOCUS First Cuts - a HD project involving new and upcoming directors from across China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. The project featured six films including "Crazy Stone"(China), "I'll Call You"(Hong Kong), "My Mother Is A Belly Dancer" (Hong Kong), "Rain Dogs" (Malaysia), "Love Story"(Singapore) and "The Shoe Fairy" (Taiwan). "Crazy Stone" in particular not only achieved box-office success in Mainland but also became an icon movie thereafter. In 2007, the Company produced "Brothers" directed by Derek Chiu.

In 2010, the Company’s versatile artiste Lam Ka-tung made his debut producer project "Gallants". The action comedy co-directed by Mr. Derek Kwok and Mr. Clement Cheng earned thumbs-up from different critiques. It has grabbed numerous major awards and nominations from various important film awards presentations, including the “Best Film” awarded by the “30th Hong Kong Film Award”.

In 2011, Focus Films persevered for quality movies to co-produce “A Simple Life”, a touching story directed by Ann Hui. The movie yielded brilliant results in many local and international film award galas. Deanie Ip, pursuing only quality scripts for her participation in recent years, starred in “A Simple Life” won her endless “Best Actress” awards including in “The 68th Venice Film Festival”. Deanie, together with her opposite leading actor Andy Lau and director Ann Hui swept “Best Actress”, “Best Actor” and “Best Director” awards in “The 48th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival” held in Taiwan. The movie even embraced 5 key awards namely “Best Film”, “Best Director”, “Best Screenplay”, “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” in “The 31st Hong Kong Film Award”. Endless trophies have been still adding to the list. All the accomplishments leave a remarkable record in Hong Kong film history.

In 2013, Focus Films continued the devoting effort to support local film by  co-producing Hong Kong signature cop blockbuster “Firestorm” which earned outstanding box-office records across Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and even overseas cinemas.

In the future, Focus Films will continue the tradition to support innovations and professional productions in movie industry by providing a platform for talented young generation to showcase their movies in good quality but divergent styles to a wide range of audience.



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