A Fighter's Blues 阿 虎
After 13 years of imprisonment, once a boxing champion Tiger releases from the prison. He finds out his lover Pim was dead and left him a daughter Ploy. Blaming Tiger is the cause to her mothers death Ploy dislikes Tiger. With the mediation of Mioko, their relationship slowly improves. On the other hand, Thai Boxing Promoter, Sombat challenges Tiger to fight with his Thai Champ Tawon. It is time for Tiger to forget about his past and fears, and move on to become a real champion in life ... ...
Director: Lee Yan Kong
Yr/Length: 2000, 105-min
Cast: Andy Lau, Tokiwa Takako
6th Changchun China Film Festival
- Official Invitation
20th Hong Kong Film Awards
- Best Actor Award Nomination
- Best Cinematography Nomination
- Best Editing Nomination
6th Golden Bauhinia Awards
- Best Actor Award
5th Shanghai International Film Festival
- Official Invitation

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