Among the Stars 惑 星 軌 跡
A second film of the directors trio of Moon, Stars, and Sun. This film focused on the uncertainty of love, on tracing the tracks of the broken heart. It also looked into the poetics of the cityK It dealt with the seemingly brief encounter of strangers on the street V a woman experiencing problems with her husband bumped into her old boyfriend and stirred up her hidden emotional currents and made her reevaluate her marriage, and eventually reconciled with her husband. But all this came too late when her husband dies in a plane crash...
Director: Chang Wai Hung
Yr/Length: 2000, 88-min
Cast: Wilson Yip, Chan Shan Shan
Jeonju International Film Festival, Korea 2001
Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore 2001
Fribourg International Film Festival, Switzerland 2001
Festival Cinema Africano, Italy 2001
Alexandria International Film Festival, Egypt 2001
Oslo Films From the South Film Festival, Norway 2001
Fukoka International Film Festival, Japan 2000
- " We Love Cinema Award "

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