A Side, B Side, Seaside 十 七 歲 的 夏 天
From the producer of independent classic Made In Hong Kong, A Side B Side Seaside is the story of two girls farewell to their seventeen years of youth.
In two parts just like two sides of a movie disc, the film tells the tales of Chen Tian and Ah Mei. Chen Tian is a schoolgirl in Hong Kong about to leave for Beijing for college. Before she leaves for good, she decides to spend an unforgettable trip with her best friends in a distant fishing village. There she discovers love for the first time. The encounter ever so brief, but has left something she can take away with her forever. At the same fishing village, Ah Mei, a girl whos had a tough time in the big city, comes back home to the village to revisit her past. She finds herself reuniting with two boys from her childhood. But time has quietly tarnished their friendship, without them ever aware of the innocence lost.
Director: Ah Chiu
Yr/Length: 2005, 87-min
Cast: Ling Kong, Dolphin Chan
10th Pusan International Film Festival
- Official Selection
18th Tokyo International Film Festival
- Official Selection
8th Deauville Asian Film Festival
- Official Selection
8th Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival
- Official Selection
32nd Seattle International Film Festival
- New Directors Showcase Competition
53rd Sydney Film Festival
- Official Selection
27th Durban International Film Festival
- Official Selection

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