A Simple Life
Based on real people and events, CHUNG Chun Tao, or Ah Tao, was born in Taishan, China. Her foster-father died during the Japanese Occupation and her foster-mother sent her to work as a servant for the Leung family. She has been in service there for 4 generations lasting 60 years. During this time, some members of the Leung family passed away and some emigrated. For the past decade, Ah Tao lived with Roger, the only family member left in Hong Kong.

Since her teenage years, CHUNG Chun-Tao has worked as an amah – a servant – for the Leung family. Known as Ah Tao, she witnessed every aspect of the family's life. Now, after 60 years of service, she is looking after Roger, who works in the film industry and is the only member of the family still resident in Hong Kong. One day Roger comes home from work to find that Ah Tao has suffered a stroke. He rushes her to hospital, where she announces that she wants to quit her job and move into an old people's home.

Roger researches the possibilities and finds her a room in an establishment run by an old friend. Ah Tao moves in and begins acquainting herself with a new 'family': the brisk but fundamentally kindly supervisor Ms Choi and a motley crew of elderly residents, including the dapper Uncle Kin, the jealous Auntie Kam, the erudite 'Headmaster' and the good-hearted dialysis patient Mui Gu. Giving ever more time and attention to Ah Tao's needs and pleasures, Roger comes to realise how much she means to him. Roger's mother visits from California and suggests reclaiming an apartment building the family owns to provide Ah Tao with a final home of her own. But Ah Tao's health begins to deteriorate rapidly …
Director: Ann Hui
Yr/Length: 2012/118 min
Cast: Deanie Ip, Andy Lau, Qin Hai Lu, Paul Chun, Anthony Wong
68th Venice Film Festival
Coppa Volpi (Best Actress) : Deanie Ip
Equal Opportunity Award : A Simple Life
SIGNIS Award (Special mention) : A Simple Life
La Navicella Award : A Simple Life
48th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
Best Director : Ann Hui
Best Leading Actress: Deanie Ip
Best Leading Actor: Andy Lau
15th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
Grand Prix for Best Eurasian Film : A Simple Life
Jury Prize for the Best Actress : Deanie Ip
FICC Jury Award : A Simple Life
18th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards
Best Film : A Simple Life
Best Actress: Deanie Ip
6th Asian Film Awards
"Best Actress" Deanie Ip
"People's Choice for Favorite Actor" Andy Lau
4th Okinawa International Film Festival
The Peace Category Uminchu Prize Grand Prix : A Simple Life
The Golden Shisa Award : A Simple Life
You Bring Charm To The World Award 2012 : Deanie Ip
The 31st Hong Kong Film Awards
"Best Film" : A Simple Life
"Best Director" Ann Hui
“Best Screenplay” Susan Chan
"Best Actor" Andy Lau
"Best Actress" Deanie Ip
2nd Beijing International Film Festival
A Simple Life : 1 of the 10 Go Global Movies
Salento International Film Festival
Salento Award – Deanie Ip
12th Chinese Film Media Awards
Film of the Year: A Simple Life
Actor of the Year: Dong Yu
Best Actress: Deanie Ip
10th Paris Cinema International Film Festival (PCIFF)
Students Award: A Simple Life
Audience Award: A Simple Life
Durban International Film Festival
Best Actress: Deanie Ip
International Women's Film Festival. Israel
Best Feature Director Award Ann Hui
Chlotrudis Awards, Massachusetts, USA
"Buried Treasure" Award : A Simple Life

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