Dance of a Dream 愛 君 如 夢
Dancing Instructor Nam Sun was popular among his students and attracted much attention in social gatherings. Even Banquet service waitress Kim fell for him in the grand ballroom when Nam Sun met the rich dancing woman, Tina. Their dancing performance in the ballroom has yielded much applause. On the other hand, Kim found herself in the queue of paying expensive tuition fee at Nam Suns dancing school the next day. In order to pay for the tuition, Kim worked double shifts and at the same time, practiced hard on Waltz. Nam Sun knew Kim has a feeling for him but still turned her down cruelly. Only until Kim left ... ...
Director: Andrew Lau
Yr/Length: 2001, 94-min
Cast: Andy Lau, Anita Mui, Sandra Ng
21st Hong Kong Film Awards
- Best Supporting Actor Nomination
45th San Francisco International Film Festival
- Official Invitation
52nd International Berlin Film Festival
- Official Selection of the International Forum of New Cinema
4th Far East Film Festival
- Official Invitation
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