Fear of Intimacy 追 蹤 眼 前 人
Five years ago, Fai and Po were in love, yet, they were close physically but distant in heart. One placid summer day, they were spending the afternoon silently on a beach. Suddenly, Fai got an urgent call and left. Po wordlessly walked to the white hazy sea and disappeared ever since, leaving only a photo and pieces of memories to Fai. Five years have passed, Fai is no longer a photojournalist but a paparazzo, whose job is to trace local celebrities and expose their scandals. One night when his team is tracing a rich lady on her secret affairs, a young girl Michelle joins them. Michelle has been admiring him since University, and wants to be his assistant. Fai accepts Michelle for the paparazzi job. Next day, the rich lady they followed is found dead at riverside. Shocked by the news, Fai and Michelle decide to further investigate into the mysterious murder. However, he never expect that the investigation would lead to his own haunted past.
Director: Vincent Chui
Yr/Length: 2004, 100-min
Cast: Tony Leung, Michelle Alicia Saram, Stephenie Lim, Cheung Wing Hong
28th Hong Kong International Film Festival
6th Taipei Film Festival
- Closing Film
26th Moscow International Film Festival

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