Fu Bo 福 伯
Three interrelated tales inspired by forensic crime dramas and linked by the theme of death. A morgue assistant named Fubo, someone who cleans up after the coroner has collected forensic data, watches gut-wrenching autopsies and mutilated corpses on a daily basis. Tragically enough, Fubo encounters his son only when he examines him as a corpse. But strangest of all is his oddball colleagues, when they throw a birthday party for a dead child in the autopsy room.
In another part of town, a professional killer begins to view his job with guilt. This tormented soul begins to act erratic much to the dismay of his triad bosses.
The third character is a Portuguese cook who works in a prison in Macau. His job is to cook for inmates on death row, and to record their dying wishes. This unholy trio, who practically live with dead people and consider corpses as their family, find out in different ways that the most beautiful moments of life are often those closest to death.
Director: Wong Ching Po, Lee Kung Lok
Yr/Length: 2003, 84-min
Cast: Liu Kai Chi, Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang
8th Busan International Film Festival
- Official Selection
Toronto International Film Festival 2003
- Official Selection
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