Fulltime Killer 全 職 殺 手
For years O resided on an isolated world of killing. A disciplined perfectionist, he knew any contacts with the outside world would jeopardize his life. The death of his love Nancy only added to his loneliness. Tok, a flamboyant newcomer, fancied the thrill of killing and was driven to become the No.1 killer. The only challenge stood on his way was O. Tok thus forced O out of seclusion by approaching his secret crushK Interpol agent Lee has been investigating O for years. Just when he was closed to cracking the case, O vanished altogether with Chin after a violent shootout. Lee had a hard time letting go of the case. He knew Tok wanted to challenge O into a duel. So who will be the winner? What Lee needed now, was someone to finish the story for him ... ...
Director: Johnnie To, Wai Ka Fai
Yr/Length: 2001, 101-min
Cast: Andy Lau, Takashi Sorimachi, Simon Yam, Kelly Lin
21st Hong Kong International Film Festival
- Best Film Editing Nominaiton
Festival De Film Asiatique De Deauville
- Official Invitation
7th Golden Bauhinia Awards
- Best Supporting Actor Nomination
- Best Photography Nominaiton
52nd International Berlin Film Festival
- Official Selection of the International Forum of New Cinema
21st Hong Kong Film Awards
- Best Film Editing Nomination
4th Far East Film Festival
- Official Invitation
45th San Francisco International Film Festival
- Official Invitation
38th Golden Horse Film Festival
- Best Special Effects Nomination
- Official Invitation
Toronto International Film Festival 2001
6th Pusan International Film Festival
- Official Invitation

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