Made in Hong Kong 香 港 製 造
The high school dropout Autumn Moon lives in the Hong Kong housing projects with his mother, whose husband ran off with a mistress from the mainland. Running loan-sharking collections for his big brother, Moon feels for a girl named Ping, also from a broken family, who suffers from a fatal kidney disease. Moon is seriously injured one day while he is hiding out at home after he freezes at point blank during the hit. When he regains consciousness a month later, not only he finds Ping has died from the disease and his buddy, Sylvester was murdered by the triad when he unknowingly disrupted a cocaine deal. With the world collapsing around him, Moon decides to take matters into his own hands ... ...
Director: Fruit Chan
Yr/Length: 1997, 108-min
Cast: Sam Lee, Neiky Yim, Wenbers Li, Amy Tam
50th Locarno Film Festival
- Winner Special Jury Prize
2nd Pusan International Film Festival
- Winner FIPRESCI Prize
19th Festival des 3 Continents Nantes
- Grand Prix
34th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
- Best Director Awards
- Best Screenplay Awards
17th Hong Kong Film Awards
- Best Film Awards
- Best Director Awards
- Best Editing Nomination

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