Runaway Pistol 走 火 槍
Guns don't kill people, it is people who kill people.
The runaway pistol, which has a life of its own, traveled from the underbelly of Mongkok (Hong Kong) to seedy Shenzhen (China) across the border. It found its way into the hands of a motley crowd of characters, and transformed the lives of a sex worker, a small-time hood, a middle class family, troubled teenagers, a suicidal fisherman, illegal immigrant and innocent and not-so-innocent bystanders, each with their own pain, loss, regrets and dreamsK The Runaway Pistol fashioned a one-of-a-kind road movie. It was a complex kaleidoscope of images with subversive and surreal intensity. It was a cruel fairy tale about a city on the verge of a moral meltdown.
Director: Lam Wah Cheuen
Yr/Length: 2002, 86-min
Cast: Wilson Yip, Wong Chun Chun
8th Golden Bauhinia Awards
- Best Picture Nomination
39th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
- Best Film Nomination
- Best Original Screenplay Nomination
- Best Director Nomination

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