Saviour of the Soul 九 一 神 鵰 俠 侶
In the imaginary modern world where this film is set, Ching and May are famous soldiers of fortune. Assassin Silver Fox has been tracing them for revenge of his friend and May got poisoned. Ching then goes to Pets Palace asking for helps but Queen rejects them. Without any hopes, Ching proposes to the dying May, and the two decides to die together. At this time, Silver Fox appears and .......
Director: Corey Yuen, David Lai
Yr/Length: 1991, 98-min
Cast: Andy Lau, Anita Mui, Aaron Kwok
11th Hong Kong Film Awards
-Best Cinematography Nomination
-Best Film Editing Nomination
-Best Art Direction Nomination
-Best Action Choreography Nomination

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